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Course Description

This course is a requirement for graduation. Students apply basic algebraic axioms and gain practice in simplifying and factoring algebraic expressions. Students solve linear and quadratic equations. They model problems graphically using technology.


This course is a requirement for graduation. Students examine plane, solid and coordinate geometry. They calculate various measurements and solve problems involving two and three dimensional figures. Traditional methods and technology are used.


Calculus is a one-year course of college-level calculus. This course focuses on preparation for the Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam. It combines a study of rates of change, limits, derivatives of various functions, maximum and minimum problems, and integration. All students will be using a graphing calculator in this course.

This course is a requirement for graduation. Focusing on solving problems using real numbers, polynomials, factoring, quadratics and functions, emphasis is also given to solving problems graphically using technology and trigonometric functions.


OGT Math
This course will emphasize content knowledge and understanding of algebraic and geometric concepts. The primary focus of the course is to prepare students for the math section of the Ohio Tenth Grade Graduation Exams.