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The Citizenship Institute is a leadership program offered at three Cleveland Municipal Schools: Collinwood, John F. Kennedy, and Lincoln West High Schools.  The purpose of this program is to enable students to utilize their leadership qualities through acts of community service.The members of this program have performed various acts of service such as book drives, clothing

and food drives, and have volunteered at a local nursing homes in what they call the "Adopt A Grand-friend Program."



Collinwood Creations is a group of some of the most talented poets attending Collinwood High School.  This activity was started

in the year 2000 by Gail Arnoff, an English teacher, and is still going strong.  Collinwood Creations publish journals filled with student's stories, poems, and drawings inspired by their works. Collinwood Creations has even shared their talent with the public, this year having a poetry reading at Borders Book Store.



The National Honor Society advised by Ms. Kovach is a group of some of the most promising students at Collinwood High School.  Students are usually inducted toward the end of their junior year and focus on serving their school.  Each year, the members engage in a mentoring project in which they must mentor a group of three to four students.  Their culminating project is something that they must decide on and that serves the school.



"The Spotlight" is Collinwood High School's Newspaper.  The Spotlight is directed by Mrs.Lynn Haney, an English teacher. Students serves as editors, assistant editors and many contributing writers that aids "The Spotlight" staff in the creation of their newspaper.  Last year at Journalism Day sponsored by the League of Women Voters and Cleveland State University, two staff members placed first and third in an essay contest: Why is your school newspaper important to you?



The Unity Club is in partnership with the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ).  With this organization, the members of the Unity Club attend rallies to get students active in fighting prejudices within their school.  The Unity Club is advised by Mrs. Melissa Svigelj and has been in existence for six years.  Unity Club is made up of high school students who display great concern for the welfare and rights of their fellow students.



The Yearbook has been advised by Mrs. Carolyn Speed for over ten years.  The Yearbook is a culmination of the many events that Collinwood High School students participate in during the school year.  The committee is made up of students from the senior high school.  In partnership with Life Touch, an organization in greater Cleveland, the yearbook is presented to the seniors upon graduation. 


The Robotics team at Collinwood High School is a part of the Youth Technology Academy of Cuyahoga Community College.  Students who become a part of this club earn free college credit in Engineering, as well as a stipend for the semester.  This team won third place in the city-wide Vex Tournament last spring.  Mrs. Underhile has been the Tech Ambassador for the Robotics team for two years.

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